Our Rooms


BABYROOM (approx. 3 – 14 mths)


Flexibility, love and understanding are key to a child of any age, but in this first room at nursery we pride ourselves in tending to your babies ‘individual’ needs and routine. If baby wants to play – they play, wants to rest – they rest, wants love & cuddles – gets love and cuddles. This room really does lay the foundations for solid positive relationships.


TODDLERS (approx. 12 – 26 mths)


We have two toddler rooms of similar ages, one being only slightly older than the other. Our younger group is perfect for those crawling and taking their first steps. There is also a ‘dark room’ which provides a fantastic sensory experience as well as being soothing and relaxing.


THE NURSERY CLASSES (approx. 2 – 3 years)


These rooms are larger than the Toddlers, enabling more opportunity to develop physical skills and encouraging more group activity. As every parent knows, a two year old has very clear ideas of what they do and don’t want to do. Every opportunity is given for the children to make their own decisions and choices which in turn factors and nurtures their individual personalities.


THE CLASSROOM (3 – 5 years)


Our oldest children are in our classroom and have often gone right through from the babyroom. Our main aim is to ensure that they are confident socially and academically ready for their journey into reception class. The term ‘school ready’ does not refer to reading and writing, it refers to happy, confident, willing to learn children and we are pretty certain that’s what our children are when leaving for school.